The Benefits of Having a Digital Planner – Ditch that pen and paper?

Digital Planner
Digital Planner

Do you know what a digital planner is?

The benefits of having a digital planner are numerous. Picture this scenario. Does the thought of spending an afternoon ‘making grids and lines’, sound like a job you’d rather be doing with pencil and paper? Or, do you prefer to use your computer or iPad and your favorite pen for making and designing your goals and plans? Read on to discover whether you’re one of those people who prefer using computers or people who like to draw their own plans.

Digital planners are just like any other planner except it runs on your laptop, smartphone, tablet or PC! You can print out your planner or have it emailed to you whenever a job of importance comes up. This makes it convenient for you and it also gives you the chance to take your job seriously and complete it without feeling rushed. Check out this little video of “How To Setup a Planner

Digital Planner Benefits #1 – On The Go…

If you have a serious art or business career, then a digital planner will make it easier for you to meet your deadlines. You don’t have to worry about writing a new article, designing a new website, or waiting for a letter carrier to get your letter and make contact with an author or editor. All you need to do in those cases is to print out the article or website or set up the email in your laptop. This eliminates the need to go out to a coffee shop or sit at your desk to make a schedule.

As I mentioned before, a digital planner can help you reduce your stress level. There’s no more running to your kitchen and digging through your pile of post-its to find the one that was written last week. You can now check your planner at any time and take down notes on the fly. Just go to the grocery store and grab the list you need for the day. As soon as you get home you can make a new list and continue the process.

Digital Planners Benefits #2 – Save Time!

How many people in your life suffer from bad habits like checking your email in the morning and checking your text messages in the afternoon? A digital planner can eliminate all of those hours you are trying to fit in a day. You can check your calendar at any time to know exactly how much time you have left. You can then decide what tasks you need to get done today and make sure that there is nothing else on your calendar that could tie you up. This is especially useful for those who lead busy lives and need to know how much time is left over each day.

The most important reason that a digital planner will save you time is that you never have to pick up your pen again. You can take notes on your planner and then take them to a computer later. Once you are done writing them down you can just erase them and you saved yourself a few hours of typing time. This is a huge time saver for busy people.

Benefits #3 – Never Miss A Date!

A digital planner also allows you to keep track of your appointments so you can make sure that you have the date and time of the meeting that you want. Many people don’t have a calendar handy, but a digital planner can give you one. You don’t have to write notes on a piece of paper anymore. You can type an appointment on your computer and then print out that appointment reminder in just minutes.

SO, what are the benefits of having a digital planner? A digital planner can be more than just a time saver. They allow you to be more organized and you will be able to go through your day more quickly. You might be surprised by how much more organized you are with a digital planner. Give one to yourself or give one to a friend today. Find your next Digital Planner in the shop!

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