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When creating covers for your KDP books, you need to understand how to size then correctly.

To find out the exact dimensions of your cover, it is easiest to use a calculator that does it for you!

You can also download a template (PDF and PNG) to be used as a guide layer in your image editing software.

These templates are NOT included in your final design. They are only intended to act as guidelines when laying out your composition.

NOTE: All cover templates have ‘Bleed’ built-in. Bleed is denoted in the template by the dotted lines close to the edge of the template.

Bleed is the area that is added to cover template, so that during the ‘trimming’ process Amazon knows where it is safe to cut the paper!

KDP Cover Calculator With Dimensions
KDP Cover Calculator With Dimensions – For a 6 by 9 inch Paperback book. With 120 pages!

Amazon provides its own KDP cover Calculator. I highly recommend that you use it when first getting started in KDP.

You can find their free calculator at the following address:


I hope this helps? Regards, Rob.